Problem: A file’s editform.aspx page doesn’t show all of the properties that belong to its content type

If a content type is added to a doc library and a file inside the library is changed to that content type, but its EditForm.aspx page doesn’t show all of the properties that belong to the content type (1 or more columns are missing from the edit page), the content type IN THAT LIBRARY may be corrupted.

IN THAT LIBRARY (not in the Content Types Gallery):

  1. disassociate the affected files from the struggling content type (don’t delete any existing metadata);
  2. delete the content type;
  3. re-add it to the library; and
  4. change the content type of the disassociated files.

The files should either appear where they’re supposed to in the library (if metadata exists) or will be available for complete property editing.

Does someone have a better solution?


Javascript error in IE8 after re-image

After my laptop was re-imaged, I couldn’t get the drop-down menus on our SharePoint 2007 Intranet home page global navigation tabs to appear, and a JavaScript error regarding the init.js file appeared in the status bar.  Drop-downs were fine in Firefox, and on other people’s machines.
I opened SharePoint Designer and ran the Office Diagnostics.  The report told me it identified a couple of issues and fixed them, and now my drop-downs are good in IE.
I am duly impressed.

First Post…

Somewhere, someone has the same problems I do surrounding SharePoint and the associated technologies that make me want to whimper.  I can’t be the only one.  So when I find answers, I like to put them somewhere useful (not the elusive “safe place”).  I hope that somewhere, someone benefits from the eye-rolling and head-banging that I go through, even for the stupid stuff.

Or maybe this will remain hidden from the world and at least I’ll be able to find it again.